Europe is not paradise

If you are thinking about leaving your home country to come to Europe, you have to know something : Europe is not paradise.

Not only can the way here be extremely difficult and dangerous, but you should not expect everything to be easy here. It will not be !

Europe is … Europe.

A lot of people here have comfortable living conditions and think we can and we should show solidarity to people who decide to leave home because the situation there is unbearable.
Most of the free services listed on this Web site are provided by volonters who give their time and money to make these first necessities available. After a long a difficult journey, we hope you can find some support.


Europe is not a garden of Eden where you would just reach out to get what you want !

You will have to go through long and stressful administrative processes, sometime face hateful reactions and eventually … work and build your life, just like anywhere else !

Learning English, or the language of the country where you want to settle as soon as you can will help you a lot.

Libya, the mediterranean see and the Sahara desert are extremely dangerous places to go across.

Also, trying to come to Europe and then changing ou mind is no shame !

Don’t you thing your love ones prefer to have you alive than the memory of a socalled hero ?

If you have to go back, telling your story as it really was will help other make their decision knowingly. Dreams are a powerful driving force, but delusion can be deadly. Again. Europe is not paradise. Don’t let those who dream about it stay in this delusion.


4 sept 2017 MAJ 12 oct 2019